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    Our connections to shokunin from Hokkaido to Okinawa means you only get authentic, durable art.


    Experience across different industries and communities means we are here for the long-term.


    Customize your own unique Japanese art for your loved ones.


    We invest in telling the shokunin's stories behind the art, so that you can connect deeper to their products.

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      Travel to Japan and go back home with local friends - Dome House Project

      Traveling to Japan? Reserve your spot in the Japan Dome House Project.

      The Ultimate Japan Thriller Book Bundle

      Like thrillers, romance, and fantasy novels? This ebook bundle is for you.

      Fukuyama Koto

      Love traditional Japanese music? Get this koto to play it or just to display your love.

      Noh Theatre Mask

      Love traditional Japanese folklore? Show friends & family how much you do with this mask.

    Real people, Real books

    • A thrilling and otherworldly quest amongst the art and artisans in Japan

      I've been reading Brandon's emails for a while, and finally grabbed one of his books. I'm glad I did. I was impressed with his attention to details and the main character development. I could feel that Brandons experiences traveling around Japan, interviewing masters of craft - the Shokunin -really led his writing. The narrative flowed smoothly, the characters introduced along the way were interesting and quirky, and the emotional and physical intensity ratcheted up as the story developed. Overall a great read.
      Looking forward to further books in this series.

      Shokunin Universe

      Joel Van Loon, Canada

    • Like the works of Confucius told by Tarantino

      As a reader we are pushed from pillar to post, from the here and now, to post apocalyptic survivalism, to futuristic science fiction, to prehistoric times, and then back again in an eclectic mix of genres which left me exhausted, yet strangely spiritually calm; it’s like the works of Confucius told by Tarantino.

      Enter the Blockchain

      Dohai / Amazon Customer

    • The plot is highly inventive, the wording verging on beautiful at times

      A very unusual detective book, for me anyway. The pace is much slower than the usual mystery/thrillers that I am used to. Not that this change is a negative in any way. In this case, I fell into it very easily.

      It is a very enjoyable pace, a sensual pace, which is where the story begins. Detective Wa has many faults, and the reader can relate to that very well. Well, nobody is perfect, are they? The plot is highly inventive, the wording verging on beautiful at times.

      Knives and Ropes

      Kay / Amazon Customer

    • Brutal portrayal of the horrors of war and the struggles to maintain humanity in spite of it

      This is a hard book to read because it shows the darker side of humanity. It is brutal in its portrayal of war and the depths of depravity that mankind can go to. Even so, the book is not a total downer as it also portrays how the spirit can stretch beyond the darkness and the depravity and conquer it all. This is not light reading, it is deep and it is dark but it is well worth the read.

      The Nanking Revolution

      Trish / Amazon Customer

    Real people, Real art

    • Japanese Koto

      I bought a Fukuyama Koto after searching for kotos and only finding very low grade instruments in America, and mass produced kotos for export from Japan. Having the option to buy a koto made in the traditional fashion was a huge plus for me. During my research into kotos, I found a lot of sites commenting on how quiet the koto is, and ways to increase the volume. But much to my delight, I did not need to use any of them. The koto projects amazingly well, with clear tones throughout its range. It looks stunning as well, so it's both art for the eyes and the ears. Buying the koto was very easy. Brandon kept me informed about the status of the order and gave me a tracking number when it shipped. It arrived in a crate, very well secured and protected during its journey to me. I'm very happy with my koto, and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come!

      Steven W., Washington, USA

    • Custom Art Package

      I appreciated the simplicity of the art. Brandon had other episodes in Shokunin Mode - and they were all interesting - but Aso-san's work [with Higo Zogan] blew me away. I think I want to make this craft myself during my retirement. I'm building a house...and I will make this craft visible in my living that I can always see it...and to show off to people when they visit.

      John M., Massachusetts, USA

    • Membership Community

      I had spent some time in Japan before joining this group, and missed it a lot during the COVID lockdowns (while I was stuck at home.) During that time, the Raw Japan community helped me so much by connecting to new people, and learning about aspects of Japan I had not heard about previously. It was one of the things I really looked forward to each time, and I am curious to see how this group will continue to grow.

      Svenja V., Germany

    • Custom Art Package

      I wanted a feeling of a small slice of Japanese culture. So that I could develop a better overall understanding. I was driven by curiosity and my intense desire to learn more about Japan. In the end, I got the result I was expecting. I got glimpses into the culture and outlook of Japanese citizens and a better appreciation for the language itself. I've noticed that I now have a better appreciation for the artistry and different styles of techniques in Japanese art.

      Jeff Watson, Arkansas, USA

    Our Shokunin Community

    Owner of Raw Japan Art

    Brandon Chin

    “I’ve learned so much about myself by connecting with these shokunin. They throw themselves fully into their craft - a skill that is becoming increasingly rare in today's world.”

    Meet Brandon Chin

    Novelist ・ 4x NHK World Host ・ Loves connecting people

    Brandon Chin is a Jamaican-Chinese hybrid, and sees the world just the same: a mash-up of different stories. He spends his time asking questions through his writing. Music is his blood and he uses it to fuel his work. After living all over Japan for close to a decade, he is now based in Itoshima, Fukuoka. 

    Check out his podcast, "Brandon Chin Show" for untold Japan stories.

    ブランドン・チンはジャマイカと中国のハイブリッド(ハーフ)で、世界に対する見方もその背景を反映している - 異なるもの同士が混じり合った、マッシュアップ。主な時間の過ごし方は、質問を投げかけることと、脳の1日の許容量が許す限り音楽を聴くこと。現在、福岡県糸島市住いです。