The Ultimate Japan Thriller Book Bundle

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The Ultimate Japan Thriller Book Bundle

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Thriller novels with fantasy & romance elements

All books set in Japan



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Explore real-world Japan locations

Enjoy tales of Japanese Art

Experience Japanese culture from home

Explore Thrills in real-world Japan

Delve into authentic tales set in Japan's vibrant landscapes. From the neon-lit streets of urban centers to the tranquil beauty of rural Japan, readers have praised the "realistic portrayal of Japanese life" and the "deep connection to the culture." Experience the raw emotions and challenges of characters navigating a society steeped in tradition.

Enjoy Romance through Japanese Art

Revel in love stories that intertwine with Japan's rich artistic heritage. Whether it's the mesmerizing world of geisha or the intricate art of shibari, readers have lauded the "beautifully detailed descriptions" and the "sensual exploration of Japanese art forms." Feel the heartbeat of passion set amidst Japan's artistic wonders.

Experience Fantasy from Japan's traditions & myths

Embark on journeys inspired by Japan's age-old legends. Dive into tales where spirits, gods, and mythical beings come alive, blending seamlessly with the modern world. Praised for its "unique blend of fantasy and reality," this anthology offers a fresh take on Japan's rich folklore.

Get to Know the Author

Brandon Chin is a Jamaican-Chinese hybrid, and sees the world just the same: a mash-up of different stories. He spends his time asking questions through his writing. Music is his blood and he uses it to fuel his work. He is based in Fukuoka, Japan.

Real people, real stories

Like the works of Confucius told by Tarantino

As a reader we are pushed from pillar to post, from the here and now, to post apocalyptic survivalism, to futuristic science fiction, to prehistoric times, and then back again in an eclectic mix of genres which left me exhausted, yet strangely spiritually calm; it’s like the works of Confucius told by Tarantino.

Dohai / Amazon Customer

Enter the Blockchain

It’s a story of the other, facing the other, in the mirror

Chin’s The Nanking Revolution is a beautifully woven tale that lifts the edges of the decorative carpet of a motley humanity, to expose the ugliness and crudity that lurks below the surface of our collective skins.

It’s a history set in a particular time, but one that still echoes through all time, affecting all who identify as human, forcing us to grapple with the very definitions of this humanness we seek or claim to embrace.

It’s a story of the other, facing the other, in the mirror; otherness is only a mere reflection of who the subject claims (or not) to be.

Scottie / Amazon Customer

The Nanking Revolution

Fresh perspective on Japanese culture

Super interesting book! Loved the writing style, and was very intirgued by all the concepts in the book. I really appreciate the fresh perspective on Japanese culture.

Thav / Amazon Customer

Enter the Blockchain

A thrilling and otherworldly quest amongst the art and artisans in Japan

I've been reading Brandon's emails for a while, and finally grabbed one of his books.

I'm glad I did.

I was impressed with his attention to details and the main character development.

I could feel that Brandons experiences traveling around Japan, interviewing masters of craft - the Shokunin -really led his writing.

The narrative flowed smoothly, the characters introduced along the way were interesting and quirky, and the emotional and physical intensity ratcheted up as the story developed.
Overall a great read.

Looking forward to further books in this series.

Joel V.L. / Canada

Shokunin Universe

The plot is highly inventive, the wording verging on beautiful at times

A very unusual detective book, for me anyway. The pace is much slower than the usual mystery/thrillers that I am used to. Not that this change is a negative in any way. In this case, I fell into it very easily.

It is a very enjoyable pace, a sensual pace, which is where the story begins. Detective Wa has many faults, and the reader can relate to that very well. Well, nobody is perfect, are they? The plot is highly inventive, the wording verging on beautiful at times.

Kay / Amazon Customer

Knives and Ropes

I've never been confused by a book yet entranced by it simultaneously. This author writes beautifully

I've never been amazed and confused by a book before. This novella was beautifully written. The detail of Qin's surroundings and what he felt while playing his instrument was beautiful and brought me into this world. But I don't even know how to describe this book, sometimes I was confused and had to reread this novella twice to somewhat understand what I read.

I think this is about living in the moment, loving the nature around us and not letting AI take over the world but honestly I have no clue. However, I enjoyed this enough to reread more than once and rate it high. I've never been confused by a book yet entranced by it simultaneously. This author writes beautifully.

Amirah / Amazon Customer


Brutal portrayal of the horrors of war and the struggles to maintain humanity in spite of it

This is a hard book to read because it shows the darker side of humanity. It is brutal in its portrayal of war and the depths of depravity that mankind can go to. Even so, the book is not a total downer as it also portrays how the spirit can stretch beyond the darkness and the depravity and conquer it all. This is not light reading, it is deep and it is dark but it is well worth the read.

Trish / Amazon Customer

The Nanking Revolution


I liked the beauty and simplicity of the ideas, the people and the plot. Reading it was an experience.

Nancy / Amazon Customer


Worth Reading

Humans have the ability to be more than a follower. They can get swept up in what others are doing, or just do what they are told, but they don't have to. They can choose their actions for themselves. A young man facing brutality and carnage chooses his own course. He stands up for what he believes and that is something we can all do, if we choose. This book is not for very sensitive stomachs, or hearts, but is well worth reading for adults.

Sharon / Amazon Customer

The Nanking Revolution

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