About Us

Everyone who loves Japan has their own story of how Japan hit them at their very core.

My story began when I was eight and my parents registered me in a karate dojo in my hometown, Jacksonville, FL.

Introducing me to this martial art was one of the best things my parents ever did for me.

My master — my soke — was Japanese, and working with him marked the beginning of my spiritual journey.

My soke took me under his wing and taught me kata and self-defense techniques.

But the most valuable lesson he taught me and what has shaped me as a person was: “Train the inside first, then the outside.”

Exposure to the grace and power of karate and the wisdom of my teacher set me on my path to self awareness.

A path that, when I was 19, led me to Japan.

I’ve since moved to Japan and now live in Itoshima, Fukuoka. Totally, I've lived in Japan for 7 years.

During those 7 years, I've met Japanese people in almost every niche you can imagine...

But the people who shook me to my core, like my soke did, were master craftspeople.

Artisans who carried on their family's legacy for generations.

These artisans are called shokunin.

Since 2020 I’ve travelled all over Japan interviewing these shokunin in a wide array of niches...


Pottery and Porcelain.






But despite the vast differences between each genre of craft, one thing remained the same...

Each craft embodies that core teaching from my soke.

"Train the inside first, then the outside."

The years of dedication and effort the shokunin pour into their craft is passed onto the customer.

After visiting the studios and homes of close to 40 shokunin nationwide, I've come to see how important crafts are to our collective self-awareness.

They ground us. 

They remind us of our dependence on nature.

They relax us.

They connect us to ourselves.

They turn our homes into places where we can truly unwind - especially in today's world where our homes are now our places of work, study, exercise and life.

I started this store with the aim to pass not only Japanese culture and history onto my fellow international folk, but also to share the intangible qualities each craft is molded with.

Take a look around.

And when you find something you want, find comfort in knowing that our relationship isn't done after you buy.

If you want to continue digging into Japanese culture, you get access to an exclusive video interview with the shokunin that made the craft you purchased.

And access to a private community of other Japanophiles like you.

You can directly talk to the shokunin on quarterly live calls, as well as learn Japanese from certified native teachers. 

I've been walking the road of self-awareness since my parents first brought me to that dojo back in the 90s. 

It's my mission to pass on all the lessons I've learned through Japan through this store.

If you have any questions or want to share your own Japan journey, don't hesitate to reach out >> info@rawjapanart.com


Here is a video of me enjoying some traditional Japanese culture, so that you can imagine yourself doing the same...